Ultimate Gaming Leaves New Jersey Online Gaming Scene

When online gambling was legalized in New Jersey, companies thought that they had a potential gold mine on their hands. They knew that there was a lot of demand for online gambling in the area, especially through secure and regulated sites. However, the profits have not reached expected levels. Now it appears that Ultimate Gaming is leaving their New Jersey operations in an effort to concentrate on their Nevada site.

Ultimate Gaming Leaves New Jersey –

Ultimate Gaming is responsible for a online poker and casino website in New Jersey. The company has been operating this site since online gambling was legalized more than six months ago. However, they are not happy with the level of profits achieved from New Jersey. Instead of finding new ways to make money in the state, they are closing down their business there.

Withdrawing Cash –

Gamblers in the state will not be happy about this decision. Ultimate Gaming’s website was one of the more popular sites in NJ. Their company profile and secure system meant that gamblers were happy about adding vast sums of money to their gambling account.

A few players were concerned about what would happen to their money after the site shut down. Ultimate Gaming was quick to play down those concerns. In a statement on the website, they say that players are allowed to make withdrawals within the next week. Any money transferred before the 28th of September will be processed as it was when the site was open. If a player still has an open balance with the site after September 28th, they can call or email customer service to initiate a withdrawal. Any tickets bought for future wagers or tournaments will be refunded 100%.

Atlantic City Problems –

The problem for many online sites in New Jersey is that their land based counter parts are struggling. The past month has seen many Atlantic City casinos move towards closing. For example, the Trump Taj Tower in Atlantic City is set to close in the coming months. Ultimate Gaming was partnered with that casino. When Trump Taj shuts down, Ultimate Gaming’s online site would not be able to run in NJ per state laws. Instead of waiting to find a new partner, the company has decided to close up shop.

In addition, Ultimate Gaming is unhappy about how Trump Taj handled their partnership. Other sites, such as 888 Poker, got a huge helping hand from their land based partners. Those sites were heavily promoted by the casinos, but Trump Taj made no such efforts for Ultimate Gaming.

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