Uruguay Land Based Casinos

uruguay-casinosUruguay rests on the eastern coast of South America. Brazil to the south and Argentina to the east, Uruguay is about the size of Tennessee, a state in North America. Rolling hills in the southern portion and a lower plateau in the north, Uruguay is trending among travelers as a well-kept secret spot for exotic entertainment and adventure.

Gambling in Uruguay

Here is a little known fact about little Uruguay, there are more than 18 modern casinos tourists play. These legitimate casinos span different regions of the country. Lets list the areas with well visited casinos beginning our journey of sweeping over Uruguay with casino destinations is Artigas, Atlantida, Carmelo, Chui, Fray Bentos, La Pal moa Montevideo, Paysand, Piriapolis, Punta del Este, Rivera and Salto Grande. The 18 casinos are distributed in those areas of Uruguay, and are in demand from the travelers looking to play and win at the casinos in Uruguay.

Gambling in Uruguay is nothing new; the history goes back to over a hundred years ago. The other countries in Latin America have a turbulent gambling reputation, except for beautiful Uruguay. The unique method they use to regulate the casinos, called the mixed system, has proven as an indisputable and accepted manner to overseeing the gambling industry.

The Punta del Este

The $18 million casino houses 300 slot machines, offers table gaming, horse racing, restaurants, a theater, spa amenities, and much more. This casino/resort/hotel is considered a top of the line luxury palace and casino and has earned the adoration of most tourists who stay in Latin America, and will most likely always hold that top position for gaming destinations in Latin America.

The Uruguayan cape or peninsula captivates all who visit it because of the breathtaking, natural views exemplary location. Uruguay is only about two hours by air from Sao Paulo, Brazil. There are no casinos in Brazil, gambling is banned.

The Conrad in Montevideo

The Conrad is the most beloved casino in Latin America by Latin Americans. Situated only 35 minutes in the air from Buenos Aires, The Conrad offers more than 1500 slot machines to play and win on, and a similar lifestyle in Las Vegas, Nevada. The casino operates 24 hours a day, and recently spent upwards of $100 million in renovations and upgrades. 300 rooms, high class celebrities, five star hotel, and five star restaurants is why the locals call this palace their favorite casino/resort in Uruguay.

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