Vanuatu Land Based Casinos

vanuatu-casinosIn the tradition of resort casinos in a place where adventure and beauty are the perfect setting for tourists, the country of Oceania offers two unique casinos where you could have the gambling fun of a lifetime in a perfect elegant setting. The country offers a beautiful location and scenery for the perfect gambling and entertainment vacation. With over 119 slot machines, restaurants, shows, and table games these casinos will offer you hours of memorable times. In this region, there are only two casinos that are in this area which both offer a great place for fun and enjoyment.

The first casino that is in this area is the place known as Club 21 Limited. The casino is located as the Melanesian Hotel in Port Villa and the hours of operation for Club 21 are from 10:30AM and closes at 2:30AM. Club 21 limited is the largest casino in the Oceania area which is located in Port Villa. Port Villa is the largest legal gambling city in the area and offers a variety of gambling fun and elegant hotel settings for your perfect vacation. Club 21 offers the person that is interested in Slot machines a choice from 66 different poker and gaming machines.

The second casino in Port Villa that offers not only gambling but approximately 150 rooms is the Le Meridien Port Vila – The Palms Casino. The casino offers a variety of gambling slot machines and table games for your fun and enjoyment, but that is not all that this casino has to offer you. To go with the hotel rooms over a hundred, this hotel casino offers their guests the chance to be in one of the 10 over the water bungalows. This is a very unique and one of a kind way to see the scenery in all its beauty. Not only is this casino one of the sites of Port Villa, but it also has basic, modern accessories for their guests such as the meeting rooms, and banquets rooms. A business center is also available for all guests.This casino is open for business on Monday thru Thursday from 12:30 PM to 2:00AM, and Friday Thru Sunday from 12:30 PM to 3:00AM.

With all the beauty of the region, and descriptions of both casinos in the Oceania area you can plan to visit Port Villa where you will find two beautiful and luxurious hotel and casino facilities that will give you gaming and gambling enjoyment with all the comforts and entertainment of any major casino all around the world.

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