Virgin Islands Land Based Casinos

us-virgin-islands-casinosDespite being a popular tourist destination, there is only one casino in the Virgin Islands. This one casino is located on the island of St. Croix, which is also known for it’s beautiful beaches and scuba diving. The casino, which is called Diva Carina Bay, is located in the city of Saint Croix. This 20,000 square foot casino boasts it’s own hotel for guests to stay at during their visit.

The Diva Carina boasts three restaurants, 360 slot machines, seventeen card tables and two tables exclusively for poker. In addition to this, the hotels associated with the casino have 166 rooms. The Diva Carina Resort contains 146 rooms and their sister hotel, the Diva Carina Resort Villas boasts 20 suites. The casino is open Monday through Thursday from 10 AM until 4 AM, and twenty four hours Friday through Saturday closing 6 AM Sunday morning. Weather or not a guest goes for a simple room or a full out suite, the hotels are on a beautiful beach and sport two pools along with a full spa.

Each of the different restaurants caters to a different taste in foods. For something simple, the Dockside Cafe is a simple deli that specializes in a quick snack while a person continues playing. For a more relaxed meal and longer break from the games, the Carina Cafe offers lunch and dinner. For a more interesting and exotic dinner, the Starlight Grill offers up international dishes for the casino guests to try.

In addition to all of these benefits there are a variety of perks for people who have the Beachcomber’s Gold Club Card. People who use this card on the slot machines are eligible for a cash back reward and are able to earn up to twenty five dollars cash back every day. In addition to the cash back incentives, there is a free slot tournament every Monday from 6PM until 9PM with cash awards for the top scores. Every week there is an additional $150 prize shared by that week’s top scores. These winners also stand to get a share of the $300 prize shared by the top scores of the past four weeks. For people who are looking for a change of pace, there is a Bingo Bonanza Tuesday and Thursday at 8PM as well as Sunday at 3PM. Beachcomber’s Gold Club members have a chance to win a free, two game bingo card with a cash award of up to $500. There is even a birthday present of twenty dollars for each Beachcomber Gold Club member.

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