Will California Join the Sports Betting realm?

Will California Follow suit and legalize sports betting in the state? As many sports betters may know the State of Mew Jersey has a bill on the table to make sports betting legal in that state. With the State of New Jersey attempting to make sports betting legal a question that is now being asked is will the state of California join the battle to make sports betting legal?

We know that as of yet the state of New Jersey has not passed any sanction to make sports betting legal. There are those that feel that the sports industry will suffer greatly if this bill is passed, however, the state of New Jersey is desperate to assist the economic problem of their gambling industry. In Atlantic City four major Casinos have closed their doors which has led to many loosing their jobs. The legalization of sports betting is hoped to bring more money into the gambling industry and help the economy.

In the State of California, Sports betting of any kind is illegal. No person can bet any real currency, or anything else of real value on the outcome of any sporting game. This is the main reason why multitudes of California gamblers are turning to on-line casino and betting sites to bet on their sporting events. What is well known is that California already has legal gambling outlets in Casinos, Horse racing venues, and of course the California lottery. If they already have these outlets, the ability for sport betting Moguls to bet on sporting events will no doubt make sports very popular in the State of California.

If you think about it, there is one thing that truly brings out the spirit of America and that is gambling and sports betting. These are the things where people come together and celebrate the victories of their teams. Many Americans will easily drop a few dollars on their team in the hopes of winning a great sum more than they put down. What would be the icing on the cake for most Californians would be the amount of money they would save because they would no longer have to travel to another state to play or bet.

Many people feel that sports betting should be legalized in the State of California, mostly because it makes no sense to the majority of them that the state would legalize a lottery, or even horse racing betting venues. If those reasons were not enough, the fact that there are some casinos that are operating in the state and not on Indian reservations makes the state seem like it is favoring certain businesses, or playing favorites. The fact that sports betting is the exact same as Horse racing betting is why these many feel that this sports betting should be legal as well. The mere fact of making sports betting legal would open up many opportunities for sports betting locations and the ability to create jobs in this area contributing to the gambling industry and the economy.

With all of this information being put fourth, it is apparent that there are many factual arguments that support that sports betting should be made legal in the State of California. Not just because there are certain factors of gambling that are already legal in this state, another fact will be the many jobs and revenue it would bring in to the state. At this time California has no decision on weather or not Sports betting will become legal in this state soon. For now, the people of California must conduct their sports betting recreation either in the very near state of Nevada and go to Las Vegas or use their computer and use the On-line casino websites.

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