Zambia Land Based Casinos

zambia-casinosZambia is located in Africa and includes multiple casinos. The gambling in Zambia has been legalized by the Zambian government. The Zambian government has only legalized slot machine gaming and lottery gaming. Any other forms of gambling has not been legalized yet.

Livingstone in Zambia is where one of the largest casinos is located. This casino includes 5 table games, slots and video poker machines. This casino is the Falls Casino located in Livingstone. This casino includes 77 different types of gaming for the gamblers. Another casino located in Livingstone is the Fairmount Hotel and Casino. This casino offers live table games that include poker, roulette and solitaire.

Since the opening of the Lusaka Royale Casino in 2009, it has gained popularity fairly quick along with becoming famous in Africa. The main opening of this casino was to promote gaming in Zambia. Some classic casino table games include poker, blackjack and roulette. The most current and ideal games include kyoto rosex, hundred lions and the davinci diamonds. The development of this casino is still attempting to continue the popularity in Africa. Within the Lusaka casino there are 10 gaming tables and 113 slot machines.

The Majestic Casino is Zambia’s main casino. This casino offers gaming to adults, children and teenagers. The gaming in this casino includes table games and special promotions. These promotions offer gamblers special types of table games and luna park. In this casino, Luna park has gaming made especially for children and teenagers. Some of the games offered are bumper cars, football fortune, super bikes and more. The adult table games include american roulette, blackjack, stud poker and more. Currently the Majestic Casino will be adding slot machines soon.

Lusaka’s primary casino is the Diamond Casino. This casino offers a variety of slots and table games. The casino tables include 6 different american roulette tables, K3 blackjacks and also 6 Caribbean stud poker tables. The Diamond Casino also offers to VIP’s a personal section where gambling deals can take place. The electronic machine dealer is only offered at the Diamond Casino.

The Lottery Management Company legalizes gaming in Zambia. There are only 3 different casino resorts that the Zambian government has licensed. Instructions on how to obtain a gaming license is included in the Casino Act. The Casino Act also strictly defines any type of illegal gaming. With the gaming license it distributes the details of how many games and machines that a casino can provide. If there are “special circumstances” the Zambian government can issue a temporary gaming license, but this license only lasts 30 days.

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